Firriato loves trees

Since our foundation we have always loved our environment, but we realized that it was not enough, so on our way to certified carbon neutrality, we decided to start and continue planting trees. So we did, so we will continue to do. A certified commitment to guarantee a future for our children and our planet.

Planting trees generates a huge positive impact on the ecosystem

Trees make a huge contribution in the fight against climate change; they absorb carbon, removing CO2 from the atmosphere and storing it while releasing oxygen back into the air. Trees help to restore biodiversity; wildlife use trees for food, shelter, nesting, and mating. Trees prevent soil erosion and desertification while improving soil fertility. Trees help prevent water pollution; forests provide natural filtration by processing water and making it cleaner.

Trees are life!

We plant trees where they are more needed, areas of the world where they can produce a real impact on everyday life. We work with recognized NGOs and social cooperatives to make sure local communities are implicated in designing and implementing reforestation projects. Farmers receive a financial contribution for planting and taking care of new trees.

Community development

By joining these reforestation projects, we become part of a community of researchers who, thanks to our reforestation work, has all the scientific data to analyze regarding trees, forests, the positive impact on climate change and the local community.

Carbon Neutrality: what is needed for real environmental sustainability

Firriato became Carbon Neutral certified since 2019, after a process started in 2014 that saw our emissions cut by 41%. We decided that it was important, in order to protect the environment and combat Global Warming, to make certified zero-impact throughout the production process, from the vineyard to the bottle. Do you want to know more about our zero impact? Read more here

There is a lot to do, but we are already doing our best!

Environmental sustainability, it can be a slogan, or it can become a real commitment, I bought from reliable data and third-party certifications. Firriato has taken the most important path, that of seriously engaging in the issue, adhering to all international standards and obtaining and maintaining the most important reference certifications. Do you want to know more about our commitment to Environmental Sustainability? Click Here


We decided to give you one of the trees planted by us, by adopting it you can follow its growth, feel an integral part of our reforestation project, respect the environment and maintain zero impact.
  • I absorb a lot of CO2 and
    release oxygen into the atmosphere
  • I protect natural
    habitats and biodiversity
  • With me we can try to
    reverse Global Warming
  • I protect natural habitats
    and biodiversity
  • Help to decrease the human impact
    on the environment
  • I help my human community
    to grow consciously